Perceptions of the US-market

One of @KatapultGroup’s goals is to make more international companies successful in the USA. The US-market is the largest economy in the world there are many reasons why companies do not want to enter the US-market. 

@KatapultGroup has been conducting studies with entrepreneurs and executive level business leaders across a multitude of geographies. Specifically we have asked CEO’s in Brazil, Denmark and China about their perceptions of the USA, the biggest draw to the market and what they believe to be the most prominent risks. 

While we are still gathering data, it’s interesting to see some of the early findings:
1. Fear of litigation is the most prominent concern amongst international CEO’s with regards to the US-market
2. The fearce competitiveness in the USA is considered another substantial challenge for entering the USA
3. It is clear that most every executive interview considers the USA to be an important market 

@KatapultGroup will publish our findings as the study progresses; please also contact us if you would like to be part of the study.